Execution of Procedures, Uncompromising Persistence

YENS deeply care about Food Safety; it is our duty and responsibility.
We are leading the industry with self-driven quality checks and conformity to FDA regulations. As our societies become more demanding over food safety, we are confident of our ability to meet these demands, because:

  • We have more than 20 designated QC personnel to guarantee product quality.
  • We inspect every single purchase order and we carry out strict temperature control measures.
  • We send our products to 3rd Party Inspection Agencies on regular basis.
  • We have professional Inventory System to ensure that our inventory is 00% within expiration date.
  • We have large industrial cold storages with a 24/7 surveillance and temperature control below -20℃ at all times.
  • We hire certified QC inspectors to conduct inspections in our own certified laboratory.
  • We run Oracle E-Business Suiteto integrate and analyze data covering our entire operation, which allows complete tracking records of our products. We implemented electronic invoice via “E-Invoice Platform” (by Ministry of Finance, Taiwan)
  • We upload all of our import, sales, and production records via Taiwan FDA “Faden Book” and “F-Trace Book” cloud database to provide true traceability, further ensuring our accountability to food safety.
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QC Personnel
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Oracle E-Business Suite
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