Strict Measures, International Standards

YENS established the Kaohsiung Factory in 1983 for raw material processing, and Tainan Factory in 2007 for ready-to-eat foodstuff. Both our factories operate under a strict production process and quality control. We have our own quality inspection lab, standardized production procedures, food safety control, flavor tasting procedures, storage temperature control, and expiration control. These detailed criterions are to ensure our product quality. Through out the past years, our factories have earned many certifications and approvals: ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, European Commission Authorized Food Establishment, and USFDA Approval.

Kaohsiung Factory
(Raw Material Processing)
Tainan Factory
(Prepared Foodstuff)
R&D Laboratory

Our R&D Laboratory is located at our Headquarter. It is responsible for the important task of developing new product and flavors. Beyond product tastiness and safety, we also respond to market demand and consumers’ appeal for convenience and innovation; by developing ready-to-eat products.

R&D Lab
Mixing Machine
Packing Machine
Fish Steak Processing
IQF Spiral Freezer
Metal Detector