Training And Activities

To uncover employees’full potentials and to form consensus, YENS would conduct over 20 training courses every year; in effort to enact YENS Vision and to constitute Core Values amongst our team. We plan specific classes to educate staffs and to promote corporate culture across every corner of YENS. Our Core Values are also a big part of Performance Appraisal for every single employee to further advocate our culture. Besides training, YENS also has diversed employee bonding activities that welcome all friends and families to join. We aim to create a warm, harmonious, and energetic working environment, so that our employees can enjoy work. We encourage personal development in balance with family relationship.

Commitment to Training

Following our Vision:“To Bring Happiness To The World, Through Food Distribution”, and our 5 Core Values: “Integrity, Hearken, Challenge, Innovation, and Synergy”, we set out to shape our corporate culture and realize our Vision through series of internal training program.

Training Programs

Following our Vision and Core Values:

  • On-Job-Training and Off-Job-Training to Develop Employees
  • Short, Medium, and Long Term Development Programs
  • Integrate Team Goals with Personal Goals to achieve Synergy
  • Career Planning will be done across organization, objective, and personal basis
  • Utilize Government Employee Development Subsidy, and follow TTQS Guide to provide employee training
  • Core Competence, Management Competence, and Professional Competence will be evaluated and developed individually in accordance to position, mission, and generic.
Employee Benefits

Yens provide Labor Insurance, Retirement Pension, and Vacation Policy fulfilling all regulations. Other Employee Benefits as follows:

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Bonuses, Subsidies, Benefits, and/or Compensations for Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Marriage, Maternity, Birthday, Injury, Condolesence
  • Annual Corporate Retreat and Banquet
  • Health and Activities: Softball Team, Floral Design Club, Annual Health Examination, and Blood Donation
  • Events: Softball Competition, Annual Basketball Competition, and Mountain Climbing
  • Employee Discount and Sales for all of our products
  • Promotion and Raise Application and Evaluation every August
  • Training: New Arrival Training, On-Job Training, Off-Job Training

Employee Training

Employee Training

Mountain Climbing Activity

YENS Softball League